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Old Skool Style/Wash Name?

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I found a pair of these on Ebay (not my size, of course) and would really like a pair to turn into bermudas! Anyone know if the cut has a name or what the wash is? (It's not NYD...it has more of the "random" whiskering, like Amsterdam, than the obvious fingers-in-bleach distressing of NYD and MNE) They're stretch, which gets them major points from me because it's hard to find old school trouser styles that aren't rigid...


Anyway, the pics themselves are huge, so I'll just link them.





Style # U179080U (this pair) or U179080UC (another pair I stumbled upon)

Cut # 701604


Not having seen them IRL, the only guess I could venture is that they're a faded Brooklyn wash? *shrug*

If anyone sees them in a 30 or maybe a 29...:)


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I vaguely recall selling something like those trouser jeans many years ago.  Perhaps the jeans I sold was the same style.  I want to say that those jeans are NYD and MNE (third picture), but am not positive.       

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