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Krooley 8NJ fitting

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Hi All,



I'm gonna buy a Krooley 8NJ, I just don't know the fit to get.


I usually wear my krooley's in W33 (8YM, 8M2 and 8Y3), they all have the same waist number but 8YM is tighter than the other ones. I think that for 8Y3 and 8M2 I could size down.


I'm just wondering If I have to size down the krooley 8NJ or if I can go with my normal waist.


If someone that usually wears krooley can help me on this icon_smile.gif





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I have 8n1 (stretch) and 8nj both and 8n1 is much looser. I think you can compare 8nj to 8ym
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Go to your normal waist. As incredible that this may sound i bought one krooley ( my first krooley) 8nj /29 and its waist is more tight than my thanaz 74k/29 or my thavar 8x2/29.

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Ah, this jeans is beautiful. Worth buy it!!!!

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Is the krooley 8NJ so tight ?! I got thavar 8X2 too in my normal waist and it is tighter than my other krooley's... What other krooley do you have ?



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This is my first krooley. But it is tight just in the waist, not in the leg. Everybody knows that thanaz has a loose waist. Dispite thavar is a little tighter i still find krooley waist more tight. If you read the others scraps about krooley 8nj you will see that others buyers thought the same thing.

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I finally found them in a small diesel store in Paris that I discovered this morning, I tried them in W33L32. I can confirm that Krooley 8NJ is tighter than my other krooley's but it is not thighter in the waist than thavar but there is not a huge difference between them. I could not find this wash in L34, does anyone have the measurement from top to bottom in L34 for krooley 8NJ ???


It seems that this wash is shorter than the other washes, I was wearing my Krooley 8Y3 L32 when I tried them, and it was longer than 8NJ for almost 5cm...

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How many did you buy them AIOR?

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New on this post, I just bought a Krooley 8nj pair on eBay, I was wondering, I have a pair of Darrons size 32 waist and in the end, they were too large in the waist, due to stretching ofcourse. So I sized down to 31 on the 8nj, was that a good option?



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I have the 8NJ wash and I find them much looser than any of the other 8QU, 801W or 8Y3 washes.

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Tnx, hope they'll fit me well!

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Just got them in, the wash is amazing indeed! I think waist-wise, you can choose to downsize by 1 compared to Darron...

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hey if anyone is selling krooley 8nj w33 or w34 im buying it! 

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