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Ok, so comparing to my '07 Kurts that I bought from Kelly, things have either changed a lot or more likely, these are bogus. 


Completed listing so here's the link:


Here are some pics I've taken (hopefully you'll be able to view the photobucket album with just the jean pix):


Password: Luvjeans


Since I now have them in my hands, I can take additional tag/label pics if you need them. Also, all the buttons and outside rivets are painted white. I couldn't tell this from the pics in the listing. Is this something R&R has ever done?! The denim is super soft and the wash just doesn't scream R&R to me. The only label that looks exactly like my older Kurt's is the small "Authentic" tag. The front is absolutely the same and has the silver strip but the numbers on the backside are barely visible but in black sharpie over all of it has what looks like "287 109". In one of the seller's other completed R&R listings, she said she bought them at Nordstrom for x-price. Oh and one more thing: on the inside of these jeans some of the stitching is purple!


Thanks again for your helpful feedback!