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It's been forever! These are fake aren't they.

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Hey all! It's been a long time since I've been on! I've been browsing Ebay and seems like most are fake- prices are too good and hardly ever see "authentic". Despite most look good to me but I'm a bit out of the loop. 


I did snag these to crystallize. I didn't spend much time reading details or looking at pix. I just now noticed the inseam is a 27! That's not gonna work- maybe capris. Or my daughter. 


But the bigger issue before I pay is: ARE THEY REAL?!


Now that I'm looking at the pix, I say big ol' FAKE! Since she never stated they were auth, how do I get outta this one? Say it's illegal to sell fakes or what?


Since the auction is over, I think per forum rules, I'm able to post the link:




Hope everyone is well and thanks in advance!



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If they are real then they are REALLY old. The pics of the back pockets are very hard to make out. I need to see full frontal and full back and tags as well. Marc may be able to help you out from the pics that are there though. Also, they have definitely been hemmed.

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oof. I think they're fake :/

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disappointing but thanks for your input!


Any idea on how I can get out of paying since she didn't say they were authentic?


Thanks everyone!



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Whether or not she said they are authentic is irrelevant. If they are not authentic then they are not allowed to be sold on ebay and you dont have to pay. Also, just because a seller states they are authentic does not mean they are authentic.


ETA -- I take all of that back actually. I took a hard look on a screen with a lot bigger monitor and Im pretty convinced they are fake. Your best bet is to go to authenticforum.com and get oe of the mods there to make a ruling on it and then direct your seller to that thread. Then tell the seller(if the mods say fake..as they probably will) that you are not required to pay for counterfeit merchandise and its illegal to sell them in the USA. The selller will have no case against you because they will be in violation of ebays policy.

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Ok, thank you! I will do that. 


I did send a message to the seller saying virtually exactly what you said. That's it's against Ebay policy to sell knock-offs and it's actually illegal. I put in a request to cancel my bid. I also suggested that she can get them authenticated as well on denimblog or authentic forum as well. 


But I'll go and get one of the mods to make a decision!


You guys are the best! Guess what?! I've got one more coming your way. I'll post right now. They are Kurts. Now, I haven't bought women's R&R's in over 2 years so... but I compared the Kurts I got today with ones I bought from Kelly in 2007. Again, a few things look a bit off from the R's on the pockets to labels. And the wash doesn't resonate with me as R&R quality. Plus the buttons are painted white. Not sure if the seller did that or they came that way but some are wearing. But I think I'm dealing with another counterfeit. 


OK, that's it on Ebay for me! At least without authenticating first! I'd rather buy off the forums anyway!


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well we would need to see pics or auction link

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Of the Kurts? I posted a new thread with pics and auction link. =)


But here's a copy of what I wrote:



Ok, so comparing to my '07 Kurts that I bought from Kelly, things have either changed a lot or more likely, these are bogus. 


Completed listing so here's the link:




Here are some pics I've taken (hopefully you'll be able to view the photobucket album with just the jean pix):




Password: Luvjeans


Since I now have them in my hands, I can take additional tag/label pics if you need them. Also, all the buttons and outside rivets are painted white. I couldn't tell this from the pics in the listing. Is this something R&R has ever done?! The denim is super soft and the wash just doesn't scream R&R to me. The only label that looks exactly like my older Kurt's is the small "Authentic" tag. The front is absolutely the same and has the silver strip but the numbers on the backside are barely visible but in black sharpie over all of it has what looks like "287 109". In one of the seller's other completed R&R listings, she said she bought them at Nordstrom for x-price. Oh and one more thing: on the inside of these jeans some of the stitching is purple!


Thanks again for your helpful feedback!

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I'd wait for an R&R expert on this one, but I think the Kurts are a real, "straight-to-discount" pair (made at a lower price point for places like TJs, Nordstrom Rack, Last Call, Off 5th, Loehmanns), hence your noticing that the quality is not quite up to snuff. They could be pretty cute if you crystallized them, but I find most of them too plain for me...

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Yes they are def real
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WOOT! Did you see what I paid!?! Were the buttons supposed to be painted? I'm kinda thinking of stripping them. Looks weird. 


I am eager to crystallize but I have a pair that I'll be getting started on any day! Crystals are ordered. Just need them to show up! =)


BTW: Cancelled the other auction for the fakes. She seemed OK about it! Cool!


Thanks to all of you!



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Nice deal! Yeah, the buttons are painted on certain washes. I'm really bad with the S2D washes (and most of the new ones period) so I don't know the name of it or anything...

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Do you think it would be a bad idea to strip them? I think I have stripper for paint brushes. I'd have to look. I got it at Michael's. All I know is that it's a small square bottle with clear highly toxic liquid LOL!

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hmmmm...not sure I'd go that powerful, for fear of damaging the denim, but maybe nail polish remover with acetone would work?

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