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Virus/Malware in Site Ads...Please Check!

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Hey admins,


As I was loading the forum page this morning I got a popup from one of my antivirus programs warning that some trojan horse was trying to download onto my computer. I closed the browser window before the page could actually load, but nevertheless, I had this spoof "antivirus" program (called "Vista Security 2011"--it customizes its name based on what your OS is) show up on my machine. The same thing happened about a month ago, and though I wasn't able to pinpoint its source that time, I'm pretty confident that it was also an ad that showed up on this site. (Awhile ago a bunch of us on AF had a problem with a different virus originating in a Curves ad on that site, IIRC) Luckily this time I knew exactly how to get rid of it (System Restore, basically), but it was really frustrating the first time around. If someone could check the ads and see if they can find where the virus is originating, it'll make browsing a lot safer for us.



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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It's highly unlikely that an ad we serve would compromise a user's computer, but it's theoretically possible. In order to investigate we need additional information though. Has it happened again since you posted this? If so, do you have any info about the ad that was displayed when the warning appeared?

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Hi! Honestly, it was so long ago now that I don't remember (and fairly soon after I posted this, I was offered the ability to browse the site without ads, so I haven't had trouble since)

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I also had this problem before I could browse AD free. I also dont remember the specific ad it was but it downloaded the fake antvirus on to my computer as well. After doing some research on the virus I found out that it attaches itself to legit webpages and downloads itself on your computer to pose as an antvirus. It then tries to trick you into giving your cc number or something to stay "protected". They show you that you have 45 viruses or something crazy on your system. Its a pain to get rid of(until I did systen restore). After I turned the websites Ad's off it never happened again though.

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