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Slim fit boot cut?

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I just bought a pair of diesels - zatiny 88z. it is "one wash". i have always liked the dark indigo look, but would like to try on a pair of dry denim jeans.


Can anybody recommend me a pair of dry denin jeans that are slimt fit boot cut that won't be TOO expensive and will be fairly easy to distress? Thanks!

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Not sure where or how to get a hold of these anymore, but Crate used to have some great slim bootcut raws, namely the "James" and "Sally" cuts. I picked up a pair of Sallys a few days ago, (unworn and brand new for 15 bucks at buffalo exchange, hell yeah) and they're great. Reminds me of Trouleg with a smaller leg opening.

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oh.it is very good.perhaps it can help me in the future.thank you very much.

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