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Bent nine fake?

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I'm a little puzzled here. I bought some pair of jeans from the usa from a big reliable store, to sell in my home country as the dollar is so low right now...

When I tried to sell them I got a letter stating that my pants was fake???!!
Because the nine in the size tag ( the little red one ) was somewhat bent?
She also claimed that my jeans were from Asia. When the labels clearly state they are made in the usa.
Now she refered me to this page,

My big question is that I bought it from a reputable store! for 168$ the jeans has high quality (the fabric and the colouring and the stitches) ( they are selling for 280USD in my homecountry) . I contacted the store and they said the jeans were authentic and that they buy directly from sevenforallmankind.
so are they fake because of this bent nine?
Everthing else is right that you show on honestdave, the hanging tag, the difference between the pocket sems, the barcode with a zero that has a line in it. It is just this nine, that she claims makes my whole pant false.
(She also said that mine were fake because that they werent parallell with the pocket and the upper sem, but clearly she had wrong on that(the picture with the coins) point as I saw in this webpage)

I'm having some thoughts that she only wants to make me think theyre fake so I'll give her a good price...

Now to the question, is she talking b.s ? or has a STORE sold me fake seven for all mankind jeans??
The pants look and feel high quality.

I dunno how to post pictures of the jeans here but I can mail if someone wants to see it.
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Hi Hannah,

Here is the link for instructions on how to upload photo's

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I would say that theyre authentic if the barcode is the same exact font of the authentic sevens barcodes. UNLESS you got a fake pair that just came out with a look-alike font (that has slashes through the zeros) but this is highly doubtful since Ive only seen those on Flynts and this was just recently. Where did you buy from (store name?) What is the cut number? Try to upload pics but let me know that info... But that is weird about the 9 being bent. Ive never looked at size 29 tags so I couldn't tell you, I just heard that on here too
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Here ya go...just found this post ---if the 9 is bent on some pairs, such as this persons authentic bootcuts, dont believe theyre fake just because of this on yours--bc its very probable that theyre authentic.
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Ok me again...after researching I found this pair of 7s bought at shopbob.com (REPUTABLE STORE) with the bent 9:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...5449 638&rd=1

Looks like this "rule" may not be so true....unless the sellers lying, but I dont think so!

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