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Yeah I'm pretty sure the ones I got are coated. They just don't feel anything like normal denim at all, they're also really thin which should be good for summer. 

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Ok I've received the jeans and I have a small problem with them, well, with the denim to be precise. They are very dry and don't even feel like denim (I know they're coated) and they have strange white marks on them, I keep wiping them off with a damp cloth but they just randomly appear on the jeans! I don't know what they are, they could just be dust because the jeans are very plasticy, they just attract the dust a lot. I'll put up some pictures when they're finished loading. I done some fit pics too with a couple of my trainers and a white top. If you have any requests for pics, just ask, I have almost every colour top/t-shirt. 


So, what are those white marks and is there any way of preventing them from appearing? 


Ok the pics are up guys. I put them into a folder instead of posting each of them one by one seeing as there is 37 pics. The first jeans are my Jack & Jones Stan Nico Twisted jeans, I love those jeans they fit me absolutely perfectly :D I just put pics in for comparison. The first G-Star Jeans are the Arc Loose Tapered as you can probably tell and the 2nd ones are the Rotor Straight jeans. And in the last few pics you can see the white marks I'm talking about.


And BTW, do you guys think the white shoes go well with the dark jeans or not?


Here's the link to the gallery: https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/17831695/1/Jeans?h=0fbfdb




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Definitely black shoes. The Arc jeans look good, don't like the Rotor Straight. I got the same white marks on my 1st G-star jeans, the one with the 96, no idea how you get rid of it, I've tried washing it.

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size down 2 at least

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The marks aren't actually permanent, they just went away with a damp cloth.

Size down? You mean the length, right? Because G-Stars waists are cut quite small, I'm sizing up the waist to 29 and I'll probably keep the tapered ones. Someone in this thread actually
Said they look better with a longer inside leg?
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no, I mean size down in waist... or is the cut so loose / baggy?

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The waist is insanely tight, I usually have to tighten my belt quite tight on a 28, but these ones (both 28) i could barely do the button up, I'm exchanging them for a 29waist (same inside leg) and I'm gonna keep the Arcs. Do they really look that big on me? Yeah they are quite baggy, but as the name suggests they taper from the knee down

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ok, it's the cut and it should be like this... so don't size down :-)

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Are these jeans pre-washed/shrunk? Will they shrink? The 29s arrived today and they're just about fine, but I'm worried they might shrink in the wash then they would be unwearable.

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The Arc's looks fine, rotor looks homo though, and all jeans shrink varying degrees, but G-star is sanforized, so it'll shrink tiny bit when washed, then when you put it on, it'll go back to normal after a day of wear. Since the arc's aren't RAW denim they won't stretch much, they'll stay true-to-size.

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Yeah the straight ones looked kinda strange on me, so I'm keeping the Arcs for definite :D Thanks

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Does anyone know if the 'ASOSLOOK' code for 20% off still works? If so, I'm going to take advantage of ASOS's free delivery + returns to try some other jeans. Maybe some Diesel Slim 88Z 

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I think this code already expired... But why didn't you try it?

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Expired ages ago.

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Ah damn. Are there any other discount codes? 


I'm so fussy with my clothes. The G-Star Arcs I chose to keep (still got tags and everything incase I need to return) lok kinda strange on me. I decided to wear them around the house for a few hours to see what they're like, and after walking up the stairs, on the outside of my lower leg (both legs) the jeans flared out, as if i have a huge cast on my leg. I fixed it, and it happened again. Is it because the jeans are really dry? (They're malleable [keep their shape when molded to something])

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All the arcs flare out, its just the way its designed.

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I know I know. I'm kinda annoyed at myself for being so fussy and picky about everything. My mum says I'm just like a girl with all of my clothes...haha. I'm going shopping tomorrow so I'll have another look round for something maybe more suitable

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Buy some raw denim that fades ;) Nudie jeans thin finn 85 pounds ASOS... bargain, costs 160-170 pounds in Australia.

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Nah I want some really dark jeans. Although because in the UK we have a school uniform I would only get to wear the jeans no more than 10 hours a week, so I don't think raw denim that faeds would fade too much anytime soon. I saw some really nice Diesels, decent price too, but they are TurboDenim which I believe is raw denim that fades super quick. How quick though? It says from raw to vintage in under 30 days, but how many hours would that be?

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30 days + of wear, not 30 days sitting in the closet. It also depends on physical activity, if you sat on your couch all day, you won't get as much fades as a person who rides their bike everyday to work.

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Fair enough, as I said, I'd only wear them max. 10 hours a week, mainly just walking around with mates. Saw someone wearing some seriously nice Armanis, exactly what I want, but probably too expensive for me :/

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These white marks are really bugging me now. They just look so weird and with my immature friends I will always be getting the old 'ha you jizzed on yourself.' I think its because they're coated, they attract dust?

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Sorry for triple post guys, but I found the Arcs in the Brooklyn wash in my size :D So you're 100% sure they're not going to fade? Because if so, then I'm going to order them. This is my only chance to get them as I went to a G-Star store and they said they don't do any jeans in the Brooklyn wash anymore.

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Have a read and educate yourself. 


Please do not associate G-star raw denim with other raw denim jean brands like APC / Nudie. The fades in G-star are either so subtle ----- > non existent. This is probably because of G-star's commercialisation and choice of dying method. They want to keep the "raw look" but not necessarily the "fading that comes from raw denim". This is probably why G-star chooses to label pretty much all of its jeans (raw denim), because the look is "rugged, military, mostly dark", thus raw in notion, but not raw in nature. As you've seen pictures before of the G-star fading in page 1, that is from a 14.5 oz raw selvedge denim, and usually raw denim that is higher in weight would often fade easier than denim with lower (oz) [because higher weight denim is usually dipped in indigo more than lighter weight denim] (not always the case), but as you can see from the pictures from page 1, the fading is not so emphasised; especially considering those jeans have been worn very heavily for 14+ months (construction site worker). The Arcs on the other hand, are probably 10-11oz denim.


This is the G-star RAW Listing 3301 Classic Raw jeans; a slim straight leg jean, raw starched denim, red selvedge denim, 60% organic cotton, 14 1/2 Oz denim

These jeans started off life looking like:







I walked into the G-star store the other day and asked the salesperson, "are these G-star Structor Straight raw denim?"...and the salespersons looked at me with complete utter shock.. as if I was speaking in blasphemous language (the salesperson was wearing complete all G-star), so I asked "do these jeans fade over time?", he seemed puzzled by my question. Then he got the courage to point to the tag and say "Yeah... it says Brooklyn raw denim, I guess its raw... I think". In his attempt to look somewhat competent, he said that "The jeans have been dipped in indigo 3 times, and seeing the material and its "toughness"; I don't think it'll fade".


"Oh... okay" was my answer, and I walked out.


Two different marketing philosophies; G-star focuses on the raw notion of its denim through its "rugged design, military cues & inspiration, dark nature", and it does this with almost all its jean lines and jackets (I have their jackets, love the military design). If you've walked into the G-star store, take a close look at their conceptual design of the store; the architecture is based on an industrial outlook, a denim rhino preface, robotic and clinical feel, the use of "raw materials" like wood and steel. Whilst Nudie jeans focuses on how the denim is like "second skin" and that if you wear the jeans over time, it will "fade beautifully". Whilst Diesel turbo denim focuses on "wear your jeans and receive beautiful vintage jeans in 30 days". You'll probably never find a poster by G-star that says; wear your jeans and they will fade as time progresses. APC raw denim tells you how to wash your jeans and has like 4 levels of raw denim washing for denim aficionados; like washing your raw denim in the ocean for example.


At the end of the day, I can't give you a 100% guarenteed answer and I don't work for G-star, and if the guy working for G-star can't give me a straight answer on the rawness of the denim, then surely I can't. What I can tell you is that the jeans would most likely not fade... especially since you wear it 10+ hours a week walking around (which is not a strenuous activity), and is hardly any wear at all.


PS: Also what zdenal_cz has written about sizing down. Raw denim usually expands over a time period a week, I know with my first Nudie jeans I purchased a 30 in waist when my true size is 31, and after a week of sucking in my stomach every time I put on my jeans, the raw denim expanded and now it feels like a size 31. G-star will also shrink in the wash like most denim, but it is sanforized and won't shrink any more than 5%.

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Wow so much info icon_surprised.gif thanks icon_biggrin.gif

Yeah I suppose even with super fast fading raw jeans the amount I wear them wouldn't fade them too much, let alone G-Star as you (and others) say hardly fades at all. I'm pretty sure I know what I need to know now, my Brooklyn Arcs should arrive tomorrow or Wednesday, hopefully they are just right and my seemingly never ending hunt for the perfect jeans can be over!
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