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Hellooo, my boyfriend's family has invited me to go with them to Italy in the summer to attend a christening of their 4 month old baby girl. I am 15, nearly 16, and i have not one clue what to wear. We are going to Napoli. I don't know what colour, type, or length of dress to wear to the christening. Have any ideas? Also, i have no idea what clothes to pack to go there, whether to just wear summer dresses and sandals or shorts and nice tops and sandals? please reply! :)

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for a christening i would always go for friendly and bright colours. the material should be airy for napoli is very hot in this time of the year. regarding to the dress i would say, go with the length you feel good in. in case of doubt ask your boyfriend how conservative they are. yet according to the italian people i know, there should be no problem with the clothes ;)


do not care that much, relax, look forward to the trip and have a good time!

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