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legit site

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Anyone know if this is a legit site?




any experience w/ ordering from them?

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I belive it's a fake site, too cheap to be true, theres no pictures of the acutal items.

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Fake as michael jacksons nose

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the prices don't seem all that great to me? seem reasonable, plus it looks like some of the pics r actual items tho many are not... their contact info says they're based in L.A.

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Looks more convincing than most other knockoff sites... but I wouldn't want to be the first to order from them.

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Did anyone ordered in this site ? Feedbacks ?



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I ordered SAFADO 8Y3 last week from them. I was so worried whether I was gonna receive anything or what I would have received. And finally I was relieved today because I got the package this morning. And it is authentic!

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After your comment, I ordered viker r-box 8Y0. I confirm that the jeans are authentic.

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