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Importing a pair blind

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Hey guys


So I have decided to take the plunge on some raw jeans. Dead keen to try this. The issue is, there is next to nothing available locally, some G-Star if I hunt around, and Levi's.

I was first drawn in after stumbling on some Nudies. And after some hunting around, I had settled on the Naked and Famous weird guys.


I see they're not held in such high regard here? My biggest constraint is budget. We have a 50% import duty on clothing here in South Africa, not to mention the bloody exchange rate. So Flathead etc is out of the question.


I am slightly worried about fit, I am a biggish fellow (5'11, 205lb, not a fatty) but am looking for a slim fit. I currently mainly wear a local brand of skinnies that I size up from a 34 to a 36 to get the fit I need.


Any suggestions for something like that? Don't want it to be any more skinny than it is there.. And advice otherwise?


Thanks all!


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Nudie Grim Tim/Thin Finn should be good. Thin Finn is skinnier than Grim Tim. Don't buy G-star raw jeans if you want some fading. Grim Tims should be good if you've got big gym thighs, same with slim jim. 


Don't know anything about N&F, very rare brand from where I'm from. Good luck nonetheless

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