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New addiction

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Hi everyone.  I recently purchased my first pair of diesel jeans and I must say, I'm hooked! (all those years of wearing low quality jeans...eek)   I paid 160 plus tax for those jeans. Now I'm searching the web for slightly less expensive pair of diesels.  I'm a little leery of purchasing from Ebay and some other sites.  I know there are so many fakes out there.  I came across thisweb site denimonlinemall.com.  Was wondering if anyone has ever purchased from them.

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Congrats on your new found hobby! LOL


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Thanks!  I bought Viker 88Z and I love them.  I just cant get over the quality of these jeans. I feel like I've been listening to mono my entire life and I just heard music in stereo for the first time.  Lol. 

I hope someone replies that they have heard of that website.  If not, I might have to take some money out of my savings and go buy that pair of Zatiny's that I also liked at the dept. store again.

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what size do you wear?

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I checked out that site and it definitely looks legit!  Great deals too!

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Originally Posted by atg1469 View Post

I checked out that site and it definitely looks legit!  Great deals too!


denimonlinemall.com site is a fake jeans site:


  • They've taken images from other stores across the internet
  • There is no contact address anywhere
  • The site source code points to China - http://www.51.la
  • The prices are too cheap to be true


Dont waste your money or keep plugging this fake site.



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