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I am looking to purchase a new suit for a couple of weddings I am attending this year. I am looking specifically for a very modern slim/skinny suit that fits well. However, I am completely clueless when it comes to buying suits, so I need some help! Any recommendations?


For the basics, I am looking to get a 2 button, double vent suit in either dark grey (heather charcoal) or black.


There was one suit that caught my attention, and it was Jcrew's Ludlow suit, it is their slimmest suit and it looked decent on their website, I will probably go try it on soon. Anyone have thoughts on their Ludlow suit? They apparently also have 3 versions, I am not even sure what the pros/cons are of each.


fabric by lora piana?


worsted wool?


wool herringbone?


Any thoughts on any of these 3 suits?


Any recommendations for any other specific brands/models in my price range to try?