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Originally Posted by Weenie View Post



cut is Narrot

Think the wash is 880M. Looks as if its coming in Thavar too according to this link - http://cafe427.daum.net/_c21_/bbs_search_read?grpid=145lQ&fldid=IP8i&contentval=0003Pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz&nenc=YMbXKnX5JDuHerr7dyrjkw00&fenc=&q=&nil_profile=cafetop&nil_menu=sch_updw



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880w also in krooley.
ZATHAN 8AT L.30            
THANAZ 880F L.30            
THANAZ 880K L.30            
ZATINY 8QL L.30            
ZATINY 8AT L.30            
ZATINY 882W L.30            
ZATINY 882V L.30            
SAFADO 882T L.30            
SAFADO 8QL L.30            
POIAK 880E L.30            
POIAK 882W L.30            
KROOLEY 880W L.30            
KROOLEY 882D L.30            
SHIONER 880W L.30            
TEPPHAR 880R L.30            
DARRON 880F L.30            
THAVAR 67X L.30            
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thx and the second what kind of wash is that?

I hope it comes also for otherwashes :/

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when all those jeans be released ? i mean online for european market ?

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a small part of it will come out at end of mai....the rest will be released douring summer.

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Don't get too excited , not really much to see...

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Saw today Thavar 880m,Thanaz 8qp  Shioner 880w, Tepphar 881w and others.

Thavar 880m is fucking ugly!

Thanaz 8qp is very cool I liked them.

But to be honest I was really deappointed about Shioner 880w and Tepphar 881w they do not look that good as shown on the pictures!

Especially the Shioner had a really bad contrast between the colours.

The prices are Thavar 220€, Thanaz 160€, Shioner 210€ and Tepphar 230€

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we received the preview in our store but im also pissed off, the washes really blow but the prices still rise

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Will the wash 8PN go in other cuts except the shioner?

just like the thavar,thanaz,poiak or something,

shioner is too skinny for me...

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Here are some pics ;)

Sorry for the quality :D





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the last one looks good

what wash and cut is that?



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Shioner 880W 

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damn dude Quettingen, shioner looks good man? It's like http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL_BLACK_GOLD/detail/tskay/6E44D168/cod10/36224776LR/agerange/Adult/mm/11660 but better.

But I agree with you Tepphar is not looking that good.


Do you guys work at Diesel Store? If so, I'm going to have a look for Shioner 880W this week.


jjkk710, 8pn is only for shioner.

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You have to see them in real :S

I like the wash but the pair I saw had several dirty (brown and orange) parts on them which fucked the Jeans up.

The denim is a bit like 74k.

Maybe you will change you opinion when you see them in real ;)


No I'm not working in a Diesel Store.

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If someone needs a Thanaz 880f in size 30,31,32,33 or 34 let me know.


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i bought the new krooley 880w :)) AMAZING!!!!

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wtf pics please!!!!

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Yes, Please post pics :) Maybe they look better than those I have seen.

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@ Gpoop 

Do you mean that yellow "Jeans" are you serious? :S :D :P

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YES!! Want!!

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wtf are those stitching in front of the pockets of Shioner 880W???? that looks stupid

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The stiching is a design feature of Shioner. If you don't like it, then Shinoer is not for you.

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I tried the Viker 88ON today! Love it....New collection?!

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Originally Posted by kikodepa View Post

i bought the new krooley 880w :)) AMAZING!!!!

pics pleassee :)

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