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Originally Posted by Quettingen View Post

The Shioner that cost 270€ is fucking horrible :D And the Narrot you posted baltimore cost 320€ saw them today in Amsterdam the wash is 880x and they look as well horrible :D

the narrot 880x is horrible!?!?!?!??!?!?!!? is amazing!!!!!!!! i'm looking forward to buy it!!!! marvellous!

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and Im guessing he is refering to the 8pn. I think the 8pn is amazing. Its very different. Some people are scared to try something different. Let them stagnate.

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Im wearing artless washcodes like 8w7, 8ie, 8fc... but also 8ww, 73j, 8y0, 8sv...

So im not someone who does not try something "different" but I saw these two Jeans and I just don't like them.

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calm down......diffrent tastes or else we all would run with 73js around...so behave =D

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So what washes aren't coming to the US?

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Has anyone tried the new DBG cut; Superbia? Please post some fit pics if possible:)

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

So what washes aren't coming to the US?

I didnt know there were any.I thought they were all coming just not right away. Does anyone know anything about this?

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Originally Posted by Gpoop View Post

So what washes aren't coming to the US?

I hope that US store will receive another shipment for the Fall/Winter 2011 this July.


Originally Posted by Cookiemonster View Post

Has anyone tried the new DBG cut; Superbia? Please post some fit pics if possible:)

I actually bought one. I usually wear 30 for unstretchy jean and 29 for the stretchy ones. But for the Superbia, the 30 is way tooooo tight for me. LOLZ. I bought a 31. You will find how great the fit is once I put the Superbia on. I personally prefer the Superbia over the old Excess fit :P.

I really love this wash <3 (http://store.diesel.com/DIESEL%20BLACK%20GOLD/detail/tskay/230223AD/cod10/36244122NK/mm/11660) '

I dont like NIMIS-C, its like women legging haha

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There no other bootcut jeans to take the place of the ruky?

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Is the Ruky being phased out this season? I did notice that there werent any new washes on Diesels website but that doesnt always mean anything. Did you hear that somewhere?

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I was just thinking about it... Diesel certainly start a new fake and non exciting bootcut jeans like they did for the zhavee, zhav, reyhan and zaghor (the worst jeans ever made). Because people who wear bootcut have zatiny like only choice to wear jeans with cool wash...

In France they simply didn't know the ruky cut in the Diesel stores and it was the same for all bootcut jeans since the clerby . (except koffha 796) lol


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It's hard to understand exactly what you were trying to say. Were you saying that zatiny is the only bootcut with good washes? Have you heard of zathan?

Eta: iPhone corrects text it doesn't think to be correct so sorry for the misspelling.
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It's exactly what i want to say. ^^

And yes i know zathan lol i have 23 of them. And since the start of the zatiny the only "good" wash on zathan was the 71j/73y.


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DAMN! Narrot is getting all the bad ass washes :( But Im wondering how the Narrot fit :-SS It looks weird :-SS

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this narrot is a M-O-N-S-T-E-R!!!! marvellous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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How do you wear them???? Narrot styles looks a bit weird to me. Anyone please post their pics with the Narrot please!!! I need a style advisor! haha

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yeah those promotion pics looks to me like a skater jean look.

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Yeah Id like to see some pics of someone wearing the narrot. I am not convinced about them yet.

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Seriously, I can't believe anyone's considering buying anything in Narrot.  Some of the washes aren't bad, but that fit is ridiculously awful.  I initially liked the Tepphar 880R or 880W, whatever it's called, but I don't think I'm going to bite.  I feel like I'd get tired of that wash pretty fast, so I guess I'll just mostly stick to Thanaz 8SVs, my turbos (for a little while longer until I retire them), and Dsquared2 16.5/17.5 cm skinny fits and start on a pair of Dior Homme raws.  Diesel needs to go back to stuff like 71J and 8GZ, but without the ass dragons...  then I'll buy a bunch of new pairs from them.

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I agree that narrot fit is truly awful. Not flattering in any way but diesel are trying to wow us with some pretty cool washes. I'm gonna wait till the whole collection comes out before I buy more. Having said that, the 880w is growing on me. Might invest in the safado. Hmmmmm....decisions!
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I would definitely get 880X and 74M if they comes in either Tepphar/Thavar/Thanaz/Darron! LOL

For the 880W, I will wait another month for Shioner. US stores only have that wash in Krooley for now :(

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Im definitely getting the Darron 880R but Im also thinking about getting the Viker 880N even though I dont like the viker cut. I figure I can size down two to make the viker really fit snug and that will make up for the waaaaayyy too much leg room they provide. I think it comes in either zathan or zatiny too but I cant really see myself adding anymore bootcut to my collection.

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