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Its MUCH roomier than darron. I almost didnt buy it but I got tired of waiting for a slimmer cut to come out. This is more like Larkee in the thighs and tapers to about safado in the calves and ankle.

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Well I finally gave in and got the braddom 881z. I couldnt hold out anymore. It fits better than I thought it would though still not as slim as I would like. I sized down to 28. They actually look good despite being looser in the thighs. Good cut overall.

photo 2(3).JPGphoto 3.JPG

Definitely not to my taste, always think rips and distresses make more sense on lighter denims. Thanks for the photos.

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I dont see why rips/distressing make more sense on lighter denim. Definitely a matter of opinion.

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I dunno in my eyes the light threads are a contrast on the dark denim, it just seems more natural that the denim would fade to a lighter colour when it rips. 


I'm getting old and my tastes have changed, I used to love wearing Timmen 88s which were dark with holes now I just do simpler stuff. As long are you enjoy wearing them thats the main thing icon_smile.gif

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For sure. But if natural looking distressing is your thing then Diesels generally arent the way to go. Nudies seem to do the best at doing the best natural looking fading/whiskering/distressing. Diesels generally always look forced, which I like.

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Always wanted to try nudies.I wear raws for work since that where I spend most my time.

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nudies can be great but they flatten out some peoples butts

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I got my 882b's in! I love them but I am still not thinking they were worth the $325. I dunno. I got these Diesel Plaby sweats in today and I love them though. I put the pics on this link:


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Wow I take back what I said about these not being worth the $325!!! I hadn't worn them in the light yet. They are icredible! Easily the greatest wash to come out since 8sv! I wonder if 74y will be able to surpass this. Diesel really raised the bar high with this one
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Dude I totally agree. IMO every season one pair comes along that really impresses me. SS11 had the 8X8, FW12 has the 882B and I think SS12 will be the 74Y. Its the must-have jean of the season.
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boys,,,,,i think we should watch this jean in jeal life..i mean the 74y...on the pics it looks n!ce but i just can belive it when the jean is in front of me.

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I cant wait to see some true to life pics of them. Im anxiously awaiting. I hope that probusnyc is not the only place in the US to have them at first because they dont carry my size :(

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I'd say they'll be everywhere. The buzz is huge and I'm sure diesel keep an eye on these blogs for marketing reasons. I hope so anyway! So if you're listening diesel, GET THE 74Y IN AS MANY SHOPS AS POSSIBLE!!!!
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They certainly would be smart to. They wouldve been smart to put the braddom cords in off white in more than just there onlinestore and they shouldve stocked more of the smaller sizes. I have to send them back they are WAAAAY too big. I will post pics later.

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Here is the Braddom Cords(3j1) in size 29. They are obviously being returned! WAAAAAY to relaxed for my liking. Anyways for whoever was asking, the real color of them is the picture of them from the rear/side


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Yeah I agree, slimmer cuts suit you better and they look too relaxed. I think after seeing them I'll take the 887D in braddom instead, size down and forget the cords. You gonna get something else or hang on for a smaller size?
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so do ya'll think they def need to go back or keep them?

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I think you should send them back. They don't look terrible on you but I do believe slimmer cuts suit you better. If you can't get them in a smaller size, get something else. The previews should be out in a few weeks. Plenty to choose from then.
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Yeah I think I might just save the money and use it for a cheaper pair. You arent going to believe this. At $295 the braddom cords are MADE IN TUNISIA! For that price they better be italian made!

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Wow that's fucking shocking! I thought I got ripped off when I ordered the safado-a 19n and at €175($230)they were made in Tunisia too. But 295 is WWAAAAYYYY too much! You could get the shioner 74Y for that.
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Yeah I know. The safado a 19n is only $175 in the US. I cant believe it costs that much more over there.

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I saw that too and I was gonna buy them in NYC but they didn't have my size. I contacted diesel to find out if it was just a mistake and they gave me the usual nonsense answer that doesn't actually answer what you asked! I bought them anyway coz theyre fab.
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I think they look a little big in the front.   Back looks ok though.

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so do ya'll think they def need to go back or keep them?


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Indeed return those things! LOL

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Yeah they are particularly ridiculous in the thigh area. I mean who really needs that much room, Diesel?

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