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Advice please! Nagging feeling these are good fake Sevens

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Hello, this is my first post after mnay visits. After first finding this forum, I was able to avoid buying a fake. Well this time, honestly, I don't know where my head was at...I bid on a pain of Seven jeans and only afterwards thought of checking around. I put the tag number and style into google, got nothing. Now, I've seen here that some people thing the men's A is fake, others say it's real. Is there any source where I can check tag numbers? I'm wondering why, if these are real, why they don't pop up. In the end, if it's fake it's fake. But if they're obvious fakes, it's not like just I know. The seller has a long list of positive feedback and no fake warnings, but that in itseld doesn't mean squat. Here's the link,


This is the item number if the link fails: 3946018602
Any help is greatly appreciated! If I must take negative feedback, it's better than losing green
Thanks much!!
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Yeah, I think those are fake. I have NYC dark wash Sevens, as well as the A-pockets. I had to look at them carefully & I noticed that the pockets aren't exactly the same distance from the middle seam. (The left one looks a little farther away from the middle, compared to the right pocket.)

There's a return policy within 3 days. Maybe you should return them if you're not happy.
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Thanks for your opinion. Right now it's just a gut feeling, but I'm still not going to send money out, even with a return policy. Once they have my loot, I doubt I'll see it again. Next step is to send them an email explaining my position, and that I either want some proof of authenticity, or to allow me out. My only edge is them not wanting negative feedback since all it takes is one fake warning to make people think. With my feedback, I'll sacrifice a perfect 100 since I can explain that the auction was for fakes, with no proof otherwise. I'd still like to attempt matching the tag numbers to a real pair. Does Seven have a website? Or is there really a number to call where they might confirm?
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Sorry, I forgot to ask one thing: are these jeans then NOT blatant fakes? Do they really make a dark wash A pocket for men? So far, I can't find one real pair posted other than these. If the "fakeness" or not can't be seen by casual observers, it's not the end of the world. Still, I'll know, which breaks my fakeness rule. I think it defeats the purpose if they're fake because it's about impressing others more than enjoying for yourself. Ah!! Such deep moral concepts shouldn't concern the purchase of bloody jean!!
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I don't think they're "obvious fakes" but I had to really look at them to see if they were actually "fake." It's not even about what people think, if you're not happy/comfortable wearing them then you won't think you'll be wearing them to your highest expectations.

For example: "I look good tonight BUT THESE SEVEN JEANS ARE FAKE!!!!"

I've done some homework online & I haven't found ONE pair of Men's A-pockets. I'm not sure if I'm just behind (with Men's Seven jeans) but is there a such thing? I didn't see any the last time I was in Bloomingdales, but the last time I was there was in August 2004.

(Maybe you should contact a major department store about the style number.)[/b]
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I've ordered a pair (not from that seller, but the seller i talked about earlier, dscntjungle03 on ebay). He sells same cut a-pockets. I'll get them on monday so i'll let you know if they are good or not. I hope they are but i'm prepared for the fact that they might be fakes
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seen in Nordstrom

I have seen men's A-pocket in Nordstrom before. You may not find them on their website but they did sell them in stores.
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Hello, I apologize for the delay in responding to my own post, but I'm finding the same problem as on other forums: I don't get notification of responses. So unless I hover, I don't see posts.

Anyway, I mailed the seller asking for confirmation the jeans wouldn't be relisted. See, they're instructions say if payment itself isn't in their hands within 3 days item gets relisted. Well, it was the third day and I didn't want to send loot if it was too late. Emailed saying I was ready to pay and please confirm their exact policy, no response yet. Very telling.

I appreciate the comments and advice. My own research has turned up not one pair of reliably real A pockets. I'm in complete agreement that I'd feel like an utter fool wearing possibly fake jeans, even if no one else can tell. A few kind people here have taken the time to reply that yes there have been real A pockets made, and that in itself is enough to give it a try. I won't even make a list of the obscure items and info I can find online, only say that it makes me far too suspicious that I can't find a SINGLE store or site that refers to them. Nuts. Calling a store to check the number is also advice I'll take. In case others out there are wondering the same thing now or later, I'll post any further info I can dig up.

Thanks, regards,
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hi! i made a post in another therad about mens a pocket with this cut, they are fake
i bought a pair and they were horribly cheap in quality, even the zipper as bad.
dont buy them! i got a refund from my seller (not that seller, but same jeans)
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