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Shioner vs Thavar vs Thanaz

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The only jeans that I currently wear are the Thanaz. I was looking into getting a pair or two of the Thavar and the Shioner since I'm a fan of the skinny fit. My only problem is I am pretty particular about how I like my jeans to fit and to me the Thanaz fit prfectly to how I like. I'm just curious as to how the Thavar and Shioner fit in comparison to Thanaz. 


Are they very simliar? Is the Thavar looser than the Thanaz? etc.




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I'm the same way man and I too only wear thanaz however I have 2 thavars and they fit almost identical. Slighty tighter in the calf area. Def check thavars out man!


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Sick man!! Thanks so much!

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You are very welcome! Post pics when you get them!


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I have some pairs of thanaz and thavar 8x2 and I agree with Gpoop tighter in the calves.  Im awaiting thavar 8NE and shioner 8PN so Im really stoked on these pairs and to see how shioner fits.

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Nice!! The Thavar 8NE seems to be a popular choice among this forum, so I may have to put those on top of my purchase list. 

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Thavar is tighter overall. Possibly half a size smaller than Thanaz in my opinion. This is ESPECIALLY true for the Thavar 8AA and 8B9 which for some reason fitted like jeggings for me, whereas Thanaz has plenty of room. All I can say is, go try them on in store first, or least buy from an online retailer which accepts free returns.

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I only wear Thanaz as well and tried the Thavar.  They are now my favorite.  I have the 8X2, 8NE, and 8B9.

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I have thavar 8X2 and 8NE both as well, they look great !!!


My Thavar 8X2 is a little tighter than 8NE and I prefer the fit of 8NE even 8X2 still awesome. I'm thinking about buying Thavar 8B9 and 8AA, I just wonder how they fit compared 8X2 and 8NE. Are they tighter ?



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I have thavar 8AA to sell. Brand new one with tags.


Size 28Wx32L


pm me if interested!



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You really can't compare the two of them. Thanaz is classic, and the fit? perfect. I especially love the rounded back pocket. You cant beat that. I am sticking with Thanaz for ever.


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i also have to admit that i only wear thanaz,excess......i bought in november thavar 8x2 and they fit almost like thanaz. but if i had to decide between  a thanaz xxx and a thavar xxx i would head for the thanaz.


anyway thavar is a nice cut.

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