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Dubious buyer on eBay

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Ok, so I sold some Diesel Jeans, the buyer in Thailand didn't read the description and asked for a refund.  I wasn't cool with that if I had to pay shipping so he opened a dispute on paypal and left neg feedback.  He has me by the balls just because he could leave neg.



FYI this buyer has left neg feedback for 50% of his sellers and has been involved in some suspect stuff before.




I had to sanction the refund incl 1 way p&p and he said he would remove the feedback but when I get the jeans they ahve clearly been worn a few times.  I contacted paypal for some help and they say get the police involved which I don' t really have the time for.



Have any of u been in a similar situation?



Any comments appreciated.




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What's his ebay id?  Let us know so we can block him

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drive to thailand and get this bitch

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