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APC PS: first wear

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I've read many threads about Raw Denim. Still, I'm not 100% sure what to do. The next days I'll be in Paris, gonna buy a PS or maybe NS. I look which one fits perfect and then take the size minus two. What do I have to do when I first wear them? Do I have to soak them or are they one-washed or so? Didn't finde any information on the APC-site...

If I have to soak them, hot, warm or cold water? Just drop it in the bath tub? For some minutes or hours? Or wear them in the bath tub? 

Hope you can help me and sorry if I overread the answers for those questions.



Edit: How long should they roughly be ?
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just Search

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sizing down... if u cant breathe when u go down 2... go back up 1... its sanforized...not gonna shrink anymore...

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I never wash my raw denim. Maybe after a year or so, or even longer. Usually I just buy a new pair after 2 years and a few washes. I just like them raw and dark blue.


As for APC. I wear Dior Homme 30 MIJ regular fit, and 29 as a tight fit. I have recenty bought a APC PS size 28 and it fits in between my Dior 29 and 30. Personally, I prefer PS over NS.

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