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fake / real ???

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Hello, could u help me out with these 2 sevens?

First is a white straight leg pair, I think fake cause I dont know this style, it's with sequins and I dont see seven logo on the small studs.

Second pair is a flare style.

I have no further info, no nrs, no detail pics, just these ones.

Hoping that's enough to see if if they are fake or real.


Thank u so.

Lovely greetings from Belgium,








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The jeans on the pictures are real but those are stock pics so you might want to ask for pics of the actual jeans you will be getting. Is this a German seller? If it is who I think it is they only sell authentic stuff.

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^is it LXS Brands? I keep trolling their listings just to see which Euro designs are available. (that 2nd pair is the Margo bootcut, which I'd like to try sometime, but not really in that wash)


That reminds me that my Lyon crystal straights are still waiting for a hemjob! they're 634.gif

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Thank u so for answering.

They are from the site yoox.com


They also sell this one (see picture) and I found the same one on ebay with seller 'brands-outlet'... on ebay they say style: U075-D54-ALM (on the yoox site they never give nrs).

If I google this nr, there's only German and Italian sites, so I'm very suspicious if it's real.




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Yoox doesn't sell fakes and brands-outlet (that's the one I was thinking of) is a reputable seller too. This is a Euro-pair (made in Italy and only sold in the EU) so that's the reason why you don't get a lot of information when you google the style number. The jeans are real.

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