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Fake or real?

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Hey, at overstock.com they sell 7's for $39, but they say sevens, not 7 for all mankind-if you hae time,would you look at these and let me know ?

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Do they say Seven7 on them? If so, they're a completely different brand (and one that was actually around before 7FAM got started--that resulted in a copyright battle in Europe). I find them to be a lot cheaper and more of a "mall brand" than my beloved 7FAM...and it always annoys me when places like Plato's Closet place them on the "designer" racks along with the 7FAM! I've had to educate more than one salesgirl (and Ebay seller) about the difference between the two.

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Leather patch says=7seven and on back pocket says= seven7 but not 7for allmankind on the pants like at nordstoms, etc.

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