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Just got Thavar in 8NE and it's by far the best wash from the SS2011 line! Any online pics do not do it justice at all! It's way better then Thavar 8X2, which I also own. Pics to come soon!

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I want to get Larkee 8NE... thought it was a good wash too.

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ya this is up there for me too. i am so apprehensive about the 'lycocell' or whatever blend it is as i've never owned jeans of this material before... i read it doesnt hold dye well online...

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I have to say it doesn't look appealing based on the online pics --  ASOS pics show weird whiskering and SSENSE just looks plain fucked up.





Looking forward to seeing the worn pics!

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Hows the feel of the denim? Soft?

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Hi I would mal ne noob question.
What does it mean "down size"?

Do you mean the pants bring to the tailor?

Or buy a new one???


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^^ Buy a new pair...

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Originally Posted by DunLauh View Post

Hows the feel of the denim? Soft?

Yeah it's pretty soft. It's stretch too which I was pretty shocked when I saw that on the label inside. lol

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Originally Posted by nambio View Post

Not bad! Looks better on you than on Zac Efron...




Wow thank you! LOL


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Originally Posted by DunLauh View Post

^^ Buy a new pair...

But not really right?

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Originally Posted by enemy View Post

But not really right?

Well... it means return them, if that's possible, and swap them for a new pair.. a pair with a smaller waist size. It doesn't usually mean taking them to the tailors.


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and what if you do not return them?
Bring to the tailor?

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Sending them to the tailor isnt really a good alternative unless you want them tapered from knee down. There are just  more things going on in the upper block with a smaller size (rise/thighs/etc) than just making waist smaller.

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do u notice any difference in the feel of these since they are such a high blend of lycocell?

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^^ yes! A big difference!

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Just ordered the Larkees. They went on sale but didn't have my size... then I checked the next day and my size had appeared. I guess someone returned them. :D

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Nice dude! Post fit pics when you get them!

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Not the best quality pics... but I like the jeans.








I'll try get some better pics another time.

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Anybody know how they fit? The same like 8X2 or little bit loose\tight?  Cause when i'm wear 8X2 in my normal size (32),  I find out that i need one size up.

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They fit pretty much the same but this wash is stretch so size down.

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bumping this thread as I would like to know what size would you recommend me for these thavar 8ne. I'm a 28/29 in diesel, my last purchase was thanaz 74k in 29 and it felt pretty tight first but stretched to nice comfy fit. Should I go with 29 as well or 28 as it's some strange blend? thanks ;)

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