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length on R&Rs

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hey! just MIGHT pickup my first pair of R&R's but heard the length on these jeans run long. I'm 6' 1 and usually wear 34 inseams (diesels,prps etc) and just want some reassurance that i won't drown in my jeans LOL thanks!

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The women's run really long (35-36+ is the norm) but from the pairs I've sold and from what I've heard, the men's don't run quite that long, so you might actually end up with the opposite problem. (Off the top of my head, I believe the inseams on men's range from 33-34.5 or so) Of course, if your jeans are too long, it's quite easy to hem them up to your preferred length--and you can't do that with too-short pairs!

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She is right

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Yeah, I guess it makes sense since guys are generally longer-waisted and shorter-legged than girls (nor do most guys wear heels...lol...) but it kinda sucks for the leggy/tall guys out there.

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