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Shioner 8PN (s/s 2011)

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ciao! (i'm italian :p) do you like this wash of shioner? it costs 280 euros.. wallbash_red.gif

in the store of my city there isn't.. is it wonderful? what do you think about? thanks

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nothing special imo and way too expensive.

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i do find it special and i think it's a good wash though not great.  certainly not good enough to be the most expensive jean from this season!  besides i dont care much for light colored jeans and rarely wear light jeans...

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I tried the shioner 8pn .. is fantastic! does not look like denim special (to justify a valueof 280 ) but I assure you that if you try it you'll understand why it cost so much ..denim is stiff enough (and I like it so much) but the fit is wonderful! I guess I'll take it!

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i didnt notice it from the first pics i saw. but once uploaded to ssense.com i saw it has this really cool checkered pattern on the sides of the thigh. i love that sort of subtle detail on diesel jeans! this wash is sweet!

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If it only didn't have 8 of those patches it would be great, 1 or 2 should be enough. Shioner has always a good fitting and the denim of this wash is really good.
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found these pictures of 8pn, looks quite different from the diesel store




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Originally Posted by freeradical82 View Post

i saw it has this really cool checkered pattern on the sides of the thigh. i love that sort of subtle detail on diesel jeans! this wash is sweet!


nice detail I think




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I just found a pair of Shioner 8pn for 90 euros, what do you guys think about that pair?

I mean I'm not crazy about it but I'd like a nice light wash for summer and only have Thavar 8880m and I think that it's a bargain for 90 euros no?

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yup its definitely a bargain.. I'd do it.. I'm really happy w/ them for summer light wash.. they do not fit as nice as 801A but the details and everything of this pair is just sexy.

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i love this wash and the distress details.  i've been trying to get a pair for awhlie now.  where did you all find them? 

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I found mine on a French website like ebay but it took me a while to find it!!

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i tried ebay, can't find it in my size.  and i would not buy pre-owned because these should come with 3D pre-pressed wrinkles new.

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What's your size?

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i would love a pair in 29 x 30.  but i would settle for 32L too.

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I'll take a look and see what I find ;)

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I got mine a year back at French site too, brand new but the pre stacking was gone.. so that sorta sucks, however still love the jeans...  but again i reiterate it does not remotely fit as nice as Shioner 801A... its not as stiff.

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do they not fit tight?

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for me, the knee down is looser than the 801A by a bit... so it definitely doesnt hug around your calves nicely.  also the material is softer and not stiff like 801a so the wrinkles are not as noticeable.


I actually think maybe its the pair I own... cuz Karacho's 8PN looks damn sexy.. here's example of what i mean.







and here's Karacho's.  I'm sure yours will fit like his... cuz you're taller and buff. hahahaha..



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i have to say karacho's fit very nicely..that's how i imagine they will fit. but hey, nice leather jacket.  that's diesel jeffry right?  i have one too.

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damn yah I can't remember what its called.. I wish its bit more slim tho.. but its very good quality diesel leather jacket you would come to expect...


i dont think my 8PN's fit that ugly, its just the ugly fit pix i found quickly. hahaha.. but maybe I'll bring it to tailors this spring/summer to take them in a bit knee down for more slim fit.. we'll see..


let me know once you get it, should be pretty nice!

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