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Diesel 82H

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I did buy a Diesel Zathan 82H from ItalianDepot. I did buy a few Jeans from him because I do know that they are 100% real and I can trust him. But you know, one thing im wondering that with the 82H, the wash seem fine with farbic 82H but just abit lighter (Im not talking about the colour, im talking about the dirty dark wash, look like oil in the jeans). I went to the shop and look at the fabric 82H, i saw the wash's a bit darker and look abit oillier than my 82H Jeans. Has anyone give me some ideal please???
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why don't you post pics of your zathan 82h's label, wash and everything in this post, and hopefully people in this forum will reply with opinions. That'll make easier to give judgement
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Ok I will tell you what happens here. Italiandepot, unlike what i used to do when I sold Diesels, buys them from the overrun factories in Miami. Here, they sell to marginal retailers jeans that have some kind of imperfection, even if it is so small, it wont be noticed. These are called "gray" items and yes, Diesel admits to having these. Here's the secret...they are only costing our friend Italiandepot about 35-50 a pair depending on actual retail price, even on the "brand new" jeans. And here is where your question comes in. Many of the 2004 washes, the 82h, the 82w, the 796, and a few others have a built in rust effect that typically stays on the jeans for about the first 3 or 4 washes. When the jeans are created and they lack this "shine" or rusty color, they are brought down to Miami and are sold to the lowest bidder, aka our good friend ItalianDepot. Here's the best part, he can sell these jeans and claim they are 100 percent perfect, blah blah blah, but indeed they do have that imperfection---the damn color is messed up! I'm not saying the jeans are not good, but lets not kid ourselves, if you compare them to Diesel Store jeans or jeans from Bloomingdales, you will see the difference. By the way, ever wonder how he can afford to relist the items 5-10 times before they sell? Sure, when you are making over 100 bucks profit on them, its well worth it.
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Hi guys,
Do you know if there is a fake zathan 82h? Thx
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Yes, I have seen a few fake 82h on Ebay, but as always I'm just speculating.
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Originally Posted by eitan
Yes, I have seen a few fake 82h on Ebay, but as always I'm just speculating.
I'd love to see which listings you're refering to. I havent seen any OBVIOUS fake 82Hs on ebay. Notwithstanding obvious fakes, I usually wont assume something's fake unless I've purchased from the seller...
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Just a quick glance of eBay showed only 4 pairs of 82H on sale with 2 of them from Dieselofmiami and no obvious fakes. These are certainly not as popular as the 772 or X-Rotucks who each have 40-50 different auctions, most of which are fake.
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