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gosh i hate to say it but shirt sucks big time!!!!!!!! i know it's free but at least design it into something someone would want to wear...

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shirt pics. I am gonna sell it on ebay unless someone here interested... PM... :)P1020883.JPGP1020882.JPG


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Haha, yeah, that whole Island thing is stupid.  I thought the shirt they had online that just said "I am not a ______" was better.

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Cander, this is a little off the subject but I have to ask you a question since you own a ton of Diesels and are currently doing your Turbodenim experiment. I just bought the Koolter 8Y9 and I am wondering what the difference is between the Koolter and the tepphar(which you have, right?)? I really like skinnies so I hope I made the right choice. Also, do you have any advice with the Turbodenim? If I wash them will they no longer lose the indigo?

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Hey prvy75, are these true to size?? Tepphar fits me and normally I am a 28x30 in 8PI and 881w... I tried on 8pk at an outlet in HK size 31 and it's quite baggy but I love the wash... Should I hunt for 28 or get a 30 on eBay?? Thanks!!
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