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Does anyone know where I can buy one of this or maybe willing to sell me theirs?


I am willing to pay top $$$ as long as its in brand new or almost brand new condition. I dont know what size I will need since I never owned any DDG. But as long as the waist size is between 16 inches ~ 16.5 inches, then it should be fine.


Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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ebay or forums ;-)

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Thanks for the tip.


Due to how rare this one is, I have not seen any for sale in any size since I started the search last year.


Anyone that has it just laying around and want to apart with? icon_wink.gif

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do you have any pics of this item you could share?  im curious as to what it looks like...

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There were more releases - indigo, black raws, and also some waxed if I remember well.


Here are indigos:












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Is that yours zdenal_cz? Whats the size? 

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I already sold them some years ago, they were size 32 (if I remember well) - they were too short for my liking... Btw. I found also exact measurements of this pair:

waist 44.45 cm
outseam 107.95 cm
inseam 82.55 cm

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^ Thank you for the sizing info.


So if I am 30 waist in Thanaz stretch wash, will a size 30 in this raw indigo be ok, or a size 29 be better that is if I can ever find one available. 

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I had the same pair (even in the same size as zdenal). sent it back to Yoox due to these insanely short inseams. I hate DDG for that.

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I think the length will be ok for me. But my problem is I can't even locate one.


Can someone please tell me how to get hold of one? God, its killing me.

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I would say stay with your stretch size -> 30, size 29 will be very tiiiiiight. And as I wrote above, you should check ebay and jeans forums regularly and don't give it up...

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I have these in a 31, worn only a handful of times, never washed.











Sorry for the bad iphone resolution pics.




front rise:10"

leg opening:7"


upper thigh:10.75"

98% cotton

2% elastane


I also have a 30 DDG which looks to be 8AA, these are brand new with tags.

I will post pics of both, and the DDG size 30 measurements asap. 

I will post better quality pics, need to borrow sis's camera.

Yes, I'm looking to sell.

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hi 5k1n9r4f7,


Are you looking to sell them? If yes, I will be interested. Please let me know.



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DDG 30 8AA?












waist: 16.5"

inseam: 32.5"

front rise: 9.5"

leg opening: 6.75"

knee: 7.25"

upper thigh: 10.75

100% cotton(almost zero stretch) only tried them on, too small sadly.


again, sorry for the poor quality pics. will post higher res when i can get my hands on a better camera.

both pairs were purchased from yoox, some time ago, i forget when, exactly.

i would consider selling both for the right price.


i also have a non DDG thanaz 72c 31x32, and 31x34. The 31x32 wasn't long enough for my liking, i'm 6'1" and i like stacking a bit.

I only tried them on, the 31x34 worn only a handful of times.

let me know if your interested.

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Hi 5k1n9r4f7,


just pm'd you.

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Just added this DDG raw indigo pair into my collection, love it to death.


Does anyone know if this pair is sanforized or not? Should I soak it first before wearing?

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