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Krooley 8NJ

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Guys, I bought Krooley 8NJ today size 28/30, and it's 100% cotton. All my jeans are stretch and most of them are 30w (thanaz poiak shioner, except krooley 8n1 29w) and are quite loos in the waist but skinny/slim in the legs (again except krooley 8n1 is also loos in the legs)


Anyway, I wanted the 8NJ skinny so I bought 28w. The legs are perfect (skinny) but the waist is a bit tight.


Now my question is, does cotton stretch in the waist? (if it's a little bit it 1cm or so would be enough). I heard jeans like 74k and 8x2 stretch alot, but are people talking about waist, or only the legs? 8NJ denim is somehow like 8x2, not so stiff like 74k.

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Simple answer? Yes they will give at the waist, all diesel jeans do. Even my super thick Livs did after I wore them in for a few days. Thats what we are notorious for. 


Krooley usually give around the middle thigh area too.

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Yes the diesels I have also stretch alot, but they are all stretch jeans, so no wonder. But as I never had 100% cotton jeans I was not sure. Does it give more or less at the waist then stretch jeans? I remember when I bought Thanaz 74k (also cotton, didn't wear them yet), the guy from diesel told cotton stretches more than stretch jeans..... I didn't believe him.

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Krooley 8NJ is good wash , I hope get it later ^^

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Yep yep, I hope next week!


27w and 28w were the most dirty washes (maybe too dirty), checked couple of other washes in 29w 30w almost no dirty effect at all....

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No one interested in a Thanaz 73j in size 30x34??

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let me know your email address, I could not send the private message to you, I want to talk to your about the darron 8j1 poiak 8d5 darron 8c0 small sizes. many thanks

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I have send you a pm with my email adress.

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