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Authentic check

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Are these TRs authentic?




I'm not an expert in TRs but they seem to look ok, but i'd like to get a nod before i start bidding, unlike my last one...


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Well while the jeans in the picture look ok to me, the seller seems a bit sketchy when I look at his feedback. He has a lot of negs or neutrals for selling different fake items. He may be doing a bait and switch tactic. You would be protected if he were to do that though. Plus he has a return policy.

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They are real.


When selling in such a high quantity 500+ items / month of course you are going to have a few neg feedbacks.

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yes this is true. The negatives themselves werent what concerned me. It was that there were so many claiming items were fake. But I guess there are more than a few idiots in this world who buy things then have buyers remorse and claim the item was fake to try and get full refund + original shipping.

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I counted 4 negatives over the year for claiming unauthentic.  For 5,000 + transactions that's pretty good IMO.  Plus, did you look at the items that were being claimed unauthentic? 

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I looked at one item. It was from Novemeber 15th of 2010. The link was there but the item had been removed by ebay already. Sometimes that means ebay removed the item because it was ruled unauthentic. But as we both know just because ebay takes down your listing that doesnt necessarily mean its fake.

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