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Fakes and resale

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why do people buy jeans that they even question? why cant u just go to a legit place?


also if I have a pair of TRs that I have worn like 3 times and the msrp was 320 what could i sell them for?

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People get them checked out before they buy them to make sure they are real. Some people don't want to spend 319 on a pair of jeans that they can get for 125. Its called common sense.

Also some people buy jeans off ebay and they arrive and arent the same as what they were supposed to get. So they have them checked out then too. There are different reasons people may have for what they do.

Also some people dont have stores that sell designer denim in their area.

It doesnt matter how much you paid for them, It matters what others are willing to pay. So post the pair you are refering to and I will give you my best estimate based on what similar pairs have been selling for on ebay.

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