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Thavar 8B9 Fit Questions

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Hi, I had to sell my Thanaz 8B9 in size 28 because butt / thigh area is just too tight for me (thought it would stretch but it didn't the way I expected), though waist is not bad. I realy like the wash and wanted to try the Thavar in size 29. If it's the same as Thanaz, how much bigger would size 29 be in thighs compared to the 28. I have another pair of Thanaz 73V in size 30 and I like how they fit my thighs but the waist is huge. Before I had it narrowed I could easily pull them off being buttoned and zipped up. So first pair of Thanaz I ordered was too big, second pair too small. It would be a real bitch ordering wrong for the third time. My thigh circumference is 51cm (20inches aprox), waist where I like to wear my jeans is 81cm (32inches aprox). So question of the day is: Would size 29 solve my problem, or this type of cut is just not for me? I appologize for long post and would realy like to hear your opinions.



I realy like how these Safados 8B9 fit also. I know these are slightly roomier in thigh area. Would going for size 28 be a good idea with these (since waist 28 fits me well even on thanaz) or 29?

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I'd go with 29. They stretch out like most Diesels do. 

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Size 29 for which model? Thavar or Safado ? I feel like I could go too big with Safado since they are more relaxed fit compared to Thavar/Thanaz

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Oh sorry, LOL thavar. 

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hi i have thanaz 8B9 waist size 28 and thavar 8B9 size 27 and they fit alike. i mean the thavar is a little looser than the thanaz in the waist so i had to size down ; the denim is also lighter and fading nicer...

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