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Are these real?

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Hello! Need your expertise please. I'm concerned there is no buddha on the inside pocket but I am not an expert on authenticating this brand of jeans and maybe Mens have different guidelines? TIA


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Just a heads up.  Please do not let your activity and way you handle yourself mirror your AF experience.

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Is this another one banned at AF???


Oh NVM -- guess not. Oh I remember now.  Real? [wherefore art thou OP... please do return. I SEE YOU HERE]  -- I was the last one to comment on that section(my wife more specifically). Anyways welcome. I made the same mistake you did because I was new to it and didn't know what I was doing. THen to top it off I got mouthy about it.

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Yes, I used to be over at AF. I both collect and sell designer jeans and do not want to collect or sell fakes thus I come to the experts for answers. I did make one mistake in not authenticating a pair of 7fam prior to listing and got hung for it. Do you know how low I felt after I pride myself in selling only authentic jeans. They ganged up and mobbed me over there thus I chose not to "join in". My mother in law who is also into designer jeans saw this post and took it upon herself to defend me. I did not know after the fact. Thank you for welcoming me here and giving me the benefit of the doubt that I am a good person.

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I do give you that. Did you see the last post on that thread by MyFriend89(who is now banned)? That was me (on my wife's account).

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I just went and looked because honestly I did not want to keep hearing what they were saying. I didn't even notice that you were banned. I noticed they didn't ban me which is odd after the uproar that my mistake caused. Why were you banned?

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Well I posted a fake pair of TR and tried to make fun of it in the thread(I was brand new). Then someone checked my ebay and realized I had some sold a fake. I was new to selling, and I had just joined AF to start to check my items for sale. I ended up refunding the girl who bought the fake and posted the proof to satisfy Idalis. Then there turned out to be another one I had up for sale that I had bought from a store in Gulfport. I thought that because it was from a store it couldnt possibly be fake. Then I got proved wrong by Idalis. I argued about it but eventually I took it down. After I started arguing I just kept going and going and going. Eventually it seemed like the whole site had joined in the bash fest. So my wife got fed up and made an account to pretend to be someone who didn't know me(she did this without me knowing). She tried to pretend she didn't know me but Idalis could see that we shared an IP address so it was the same home. Once she got busted she tried to say she was my sis-in-law instead of just saying she was my wife. Anyways then everyone started accusing me of making up two accounts so I posted a pic of my wife and me. That didnt prove anything to anyone. Eventually my wife signed onto my name (monamiclothing at the time) and changed my PW so I couldn't log on. She told me she deleted my account even though she just changed the PW so I couldnt sign in. I signed on (to my wife's account)one last time to tell some people off (which was twiggee) and told everyone my wife deleted my account and some other crap. Then Idalis posted a message that said its impossible to delete an account. When I told my wife that she admitted she had just changed the PW on me.  So at that time I had posted from two accounts which is illegal(and I had made so many enemies anyways) on AF. That was all she needed to justify banning me. So I can still see what goes on. My wife and I had a new account we made named MyFriend89. We got a couple of hundred posts before we got banned again.  The funny thing is that noone from Mississippi will ever be able to join AF again. I saw one person who had an account named thghtsrmyown get banned and the reason was because Idalis thought it was me. It was hilarious. The only thing I can think of is that someone from the Gulfport/Biloxi area of the Gulfcoast joined and she saw an IP from this same area of the country and banned them. To this day that guy is probably wondering why the hell he got banned. He probably thought Idalis was a nut job. She started accussing him of being me and when he was asking what she was talking about she banned him. So thats why I was banned there. I was argumentitive and tried to act like I knew what I was talking about when I didnt. I've learned a lot since then though. Thats the reason I tried to diffuse your situation in that post. I knew it could'nt have felt good to have everyone gang up on you. I really have zero tolerance for people that try to make themselves feel better by belittling others. This forum is good though. Not too many people will give you crap. I can think of two in particular but they are nobodies. They will try to put down anything you post because they have no friends and will never move out of their mom's basements. They will try to cut you down to give themselves a better self-image. It's pathetic actually.

Then there is Marc, who is Lil-Cram on AF. He has been good to me here. I probably pissed him off more than anyone on AF but he hasn't held a grudge.

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Deanabailey, you very well know it was not one pair of jeans in question.  There were multiples that you had sold and were selling.


Itsinmyjeans, that was disturbing to read.

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Originally Posted by marc View Post

Deanabailey, you very well know it was not one pair of jeans in question.  There were multiples that you had sold and were selling.


Itsinmyjeans, that was disturbing to read.

yeah I may have went a little overboard on the information there.

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