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Hello Everyone


 I purchased an apple ipod from what I thought was a reputable site in califonia over -mas and when it arroved well. it was definatly not an apple ipod and definatly not from california. it came from china and came in a apple first generation box but the product inside was not a real ipod it was a fake very poor immitation product.


so I contacted pay pal immediatly and they opened a claim which has been in review for a month now. today I get a letter from the pay pal claims department asking me to fax a letter from an unbaiased party whom is authorized to do an authenticity check on the item and needs to be axed on a letter head with the third parties contact info. in order for me to proceed with my claim and hopefully get my money back and investigate thsi company for selling illegal items.


if anyone can help me please contat me asap. I need to have thi letter faxed to pay pal by Jan.27


I am not able to upload photo here. so if you can contact me with your contact I can send all detailed photos of this crap.


Thank you