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WTB: Thanaz 8B9

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Looking for a pair of thanaz 8b9 in a 27x30. Please PM me if you have a pair you were looking to part with. Thanks.


If you have any thanaz you were trying to get rid of in a 27x30, I'd be interested in hearing about those also.

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I gog 30x32 if you are ever interested

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28x34 i mean

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Thanks, xtreme. I'm way too skinny to pull that off though man. Haah thanks though!

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i have a pair of thanaz 28X30 hardly worn. let me know.

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I have a pair of Thavar 27x30 and a pair of Thanaz 28x30 both wash 8b9, worn less tha
5 Times, mint.
Each pair 120 USD plus 25 shipping.
CAN send pics if you give your mail address.
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