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Long Jeans

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I need help!


I'm a tall dude and I have trouble finding jeans that are the right length. I usually head to the Buckle and pick up the BMX I think. But they're thin and after a few washes, they're like paper. Anyone know of some cool jeans that come in long sizes? 36 inseam at least.

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I thiiiink 7 for All Mankind makes some special long-inseam jeans for guys. I believe a couple of the raw denim enthusiasts here have also mentioned brands that run long (I'm a chick with short legs and no experience with raws, so I have no idea). I've stumbled upon a couple of 35" inseam pairs, like the Diesel Shazor 8AB that I sold a couple weeks ago, but I don't remember anything longer than that.


Just out of curiosity, how tall are you? :p

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