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Authenticity check (TR's)

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A friend of mine sent me this website for me to check out to see if I could tell whether the stuff was authentic or not.  I looked at the Coach bags & the "C" isn't anything like the "C" on my Coach.  I went through their True Religion section & thought that some of the 'horseshoes' weren't up high enough, but this pair looks real...???  Can you tell me what you think about the jeans & the rest of the site (or the TR section).  




Thanks so much in advance!!!

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If they are listing it at $34, it is a fake.


Think about it. Retailers margins are not astronomical. If they sell a Super T stitch like the one in the picture for $319, the best price they got from TR for it was probably about $120. How does a web site have it listed for a fraction of that?


Use your heads out there folks. If it's too good to be true.

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While that website is only selling fakes, the comment above mine is wrong; while most people selling TRs for $30 or thereabouts are selling fakes, it is VERY possible to source authentic jeans for less and still profit at that low of a price.  TR, like other brands, sends overstock to a variety of outlet style stores.  I personally shop at one and if I play my cards right, I can get them for well under $34.  Usually there's not good pairs left when the prices get that low, but I once got non-damaged authentic new with tags super Ts for $6.

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Any website that tries to sell individuals wholesale TR is not legite anyways. TR only wholesales to boutiques/dept stores. My friend owns a boutique in Gulfport, Ms. (Carriage House) and she had to run a credit check and send pics of her store and then still have her application approved before she was able to buy wholesale TR. She said that her costs are still pretty high. She pays around $100 per pair(give or take a little bit depending on the style). TR has the highest cost wholesale of any of the brands she sells (rock & republic, 7FAM, PPD, Rock Revival). Anyways Cander is correct though. There are some times when you can legitimatley buy TR for less than the buyers pay for them. Sometimes when things dont sell the store owners just need to move them out and take a loss if possible. But as a general rule, if its too good to be true....Oh and I have also purchased a few pairs of 7 FAM Dojo's for $7 each. They were (slightly) damaged though.

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