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Help with Sizing

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Can someone help me with the sizing of this particular style?  Does it have a lot of stretch?  Thanks in advance!



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No idea about that particular style, but for some reason, a lot of the colored denim seems to run small for me. Then again, the ones I know of are older pairs and those look newer, so *shrug*

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^ I totally agree, I sized up for all the colored denim too icon_wink.gif

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^haha so it's not just me and my big butt then ;)


Oddly enough, the one pair I've found to run only a half-size small is this pair of seriously old school (98000 cut number) white denim trousers...no back pockets, just a dart across the butt, and a travel waistband. They started off a size small and bagged out so bad that the hems are still all gross and dirty (I made the wise decision to wear them the first time on a rainy ass night)...however, I'm convinced to this day that it was that particular pair of pants that got my now-boyfriend to really notice me for the first time :p

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I would size up in most of 7's white denim, that seems to be the trend with the bootcuts and straight legs at least
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^True dat. Whenever I'm trolling Revolve for stock pics of old styles, most of the time, I see that the white pairs are too tight on the models (and to give those girls muffin tops, the fit has to be pretty bad)...sounds like the stylists go tts with most of the pairs, so you can pretty much judge the sizing by how they (don't) fit the model.

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