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Hey guys,


I'm wondering if I'm the only one experiencing this issue...but this morning, when I tried to mark an item as pending sale, I noticed that when I'd go to any DB page, the ads would continue to load and refresh, so that the page would never really stop loading (and in IE, that means you can't use the scrollbar or basically navigate the page at all.)


I'm on Firefox right now, and the continuous loading thing is still happening, but at least I can use the scrollbar and actually type things onto the's just slow-going. (I mostly use IE because the toolbar that houses all my bookmarks is on a separate program that's IE-only)




Edit: This hasn't been a problem for me today, but on the day that I posted this complaint, this was also happening on at least one machine in my school's computer lab--so I'm thinking it may have been caused by one or two particular ads that were showing up on the site that day.

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