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Thanaz 8V9

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Any opinion on Thanaz 8v9? This jeans comes from the collection; Cool of coal.


Has anyone tried this wash? I want to buy this one, but I need to know whether the fabric is thick or thin, can anyone confirm?



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it's marvellous.. it's a great dark-black with some blue nuances and little tears.. it's one of the best of new collections.. the fabric is thick, but it is soft and confortable (instead the 74k, for example, is more hard than 8v9).. 

magic! ;)

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我有買這件唷~~ 蠻推薦的 ^^

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Mall裡有人再賣Thanaz 8v9 28x30 只要$100喔!!


Someone is selling a pair of Thanaz 8v9 28x30 for only $100!!


It's such a great deal. Too bad they are not 32 inseam otherwise they are mine already!!

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