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Help Aussie with sizing..

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I am a 28 in guess jeans and im looking at buying my first pair of 7FAM and J. brands and am wondering should i buy these in the 28 also?


I by no means have BIG legs but they are curvy/muscly so which type of 7's would look best??


Plse helpdunno.gif

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Just making sure first--are you a girl or a guy? :o (I'd guess girl based on the size, but we do have a lot of small-framed dudes here...)


Grab those great-fitting jeans of yours and mosey on over to my measuring guides: http://bluemington.t35.com/measuring.html and that should be a good start!


As for cuts, I'd first recommend sussing out your body type among these 12 outlined by Trinny & Susannah: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-488236/Trinny-Susannah-reveal-12-womens-body-types--you.html


Most likely (based on your short description) I'd avoid skinny jeans (which I generally only recommend for the above-listed apples, goblets, cornets, lollipops, and maybe the odd underfed vase), and a bootcut will be universally flattering--though the specific type of bootcut will depend on your specific body type.


Body typing and sizing is kind of my strong point so feel free to ask if you have more questions :)

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Thanks for the reply. Im female. Id prob say from those body types im a pear, but a skinny pear if that is anything. Would straight leg jeans look good on that type of body shape.

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^Yes, straights would be great--and about as narrow of a leg as you'd want to go--and I'm this body shape as well. I have the requisite huge calves, so straights fit me like skinnies anyway! I would only go with a true skinny (if they'll even fit over my calves, which they generally don't) if I planned to tuck them into big boots. Straights are fine boot-stuffers for me though :)

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