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Did I buy fakes?

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I picked up this pair (Joey's) yesterday at a second hand store and after examining them closer, I'm thinking they may be fake. The buddha's and back pocket tag seem smaller and the inside rivets are bugging me. What do you think? TIA


My apologies as every time I try to import the images it keeps telling temporary error please try again so I am inserting a link.




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i think they are real...real old....but real--imo

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You may have. The back pockets look small for a 29 and I think the buddha and inside tags look like copies. Usually on fakes, there is no numbers on the row/seat areas on the waist patch.


Do your Joeys have a large bootleg with a twisted seam? Most fakes labeled Joey are cut straight.


Hope you got a good price.

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What the hell are you talking about? They are real. There is no question about it. Don't try to authenticate anything until you know what you are doing. If Marc says its real then thats the way it is. There's not even a need for any additional comments that have to do with whether or not they are authenticate. If you do not know if its authentic then don't say anything.

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Boy o boy aren't you a little touchy.


I'm just pointing out some of the things I've seen on fakes. I'm not trying to dispute Marc. Simma down now.

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I have no idea what you are talking about.  I don't think anything you stated was accurate. 

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Is it possible to make a pair of Joey's into a straighter leg, or would that just look stupid?

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It would look stupid IMO.

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