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On a budget

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I love the idea of dry denim.  I used to work in the Men's Denim department of a Dillard's store and was always annoyed at the deconstructed, sandpapered, faded jeans that designers were selling.  Watching guys try on jeans where the knee creases did not match their bodies drove me insane!


I am a girl, and much to the disgust of my female friends, I decided to look into getting a pair of raw jeans that I could use, abuse, and look great in.  I quickly discovered two things; 1. Raw denim for girls is sadly lacking in availability compared to mens jeans, and 2. they are crazy expensive!


I've always grown up buying jeans in the <$50 range, so paying >$100 seems insane to me.  I remember several Levi's styles for men came in that nice, dark, stiff, unwashed color (511's seemed to have it a lot), but every time I wandered into the women's department, the jeans were soft, even the dark ones.


I found http://www.makeyourownjeans.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=188 which looks promising as you can actually specify measurements made for you.  These are expensive, yes, but I wonder how good a deal this actually is if you are getting custom-made selvedge for less than $100.  Anyone heard of, or had any experience with these guys?


I suppose the real question is... are there cheaper raw jeans out there (for women?  I'm not above wearing men's jeans if I must)?  I know the more expensive brands are worth it, but.I gotta eat too. :)


Thanks for any help and sorry about the rantyness.

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Acne makes dry denim for women.


April 77 makes cuts that I think would work for women. though i dont know if their denim is in your budget.


I think Cheap Monday makes dry denim for women. If not, a lot of cheap monday cuts could work for women too, and it is inexpensive, which is what you're looking for.


heres a thread on superfuture.com on dry/selvage denim for women. however, the kids on that site have expensive taste.


btw, marry me.

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