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Thanaz 73J

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Do you think anyone out there is really selling them? I have Safado 73J and that's my favorite pair ever! I want nothing more then to have them in thanaz. It just sucks that every pair on this forum seems to be fake or people just take your money and never send the jeans. That's pretty awful but how do these jeans get so popular? Is it really because of Zac Efron? 

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Yes, its because of Zac.  Check on Ebay, one in 27 and another in 30 were just listed.  Im looking for 34 or even 33, but never see those sizes anywhere.

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Here's one in 30/34




But $300 for used jeans? The guy's nuts. You can even see that the previous owner folded the hem by the line you can see a few inches up from the hem.

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yeah......there are also some sellers out there which just copie some thanaz 73j pics from the net and try to tell u that they took the photo. =/


can remember last year at christmas time where someone put some pairs on ebay for 400-500 dollar.

he had all sizes 27-34.

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It's not that surprising that someone would sell a bunch of pairs.  I've seen a few pairs of Safado 73Js on sale at a legit outlet for $75, so if someone happened on a gold mine of Thanaz 73Js, I wouldn't be surprised.  A few months ago I scored 3 different sizes of Thanaz 8SV for dirt cheap, all at the same time and resold 2 of them.


As for fakes, I don't think I've ever seen a fake 73J.  I haven't really looked that carefully for 73J for myself, but since I eBay a lot myself, I'm pretty aware of what's being sold on forums and eBay. 73J would be a particularly difficult wash to fake, so no matter what price they're going for, I doubt it's a jean that many people would go to the effort to fake.  Gpoop, I'm curious to see the fakes.  Where were they listed?  Do you have a link?  As for people getting ripped off, just make sure you don't send a paypal as a gift no matter what and you have a money back guarantee if your stuff doesn't show up.


As for the price, that other pair sold at $275, which isn't bad at all whether or not they were fold-hemmed.  Unless the jeans have like a burn hole in them or something, they're not going to be less than what that guy got.

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Thanaz 73J was faked, also some ebay auction links were posted here (I pasted one of the fake in good finds thread as warning). The "quality" was terrible and cut was really off, but there were some similar point to Thanaz.

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Yeah I wasn't thinking when I posted fake. I meant ripped off. It seems it happens all the time with 73J. I'm pretty happy with my Safados but not so much with my Viker 8SV's. Viker is too loose for my small legs. Maybe I should look for Thanaz in 8SV. Anyone got them in 30/30?? 

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yeah there were 3-4 pairs of the same kind on ebay.....u saw at first sight that they were poorly faked.

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I recently sold a pair of 30/32's on eBay.. and yes they were authentic. I recommend using eBay and setting saved search for thanaz 73j.


You get email updates when there are new listings with the search, that's how I found thanaz 71j, 8sv, and other rare thanaz washes.


I am still looking for a 31/32 thanaz 73J though.. I've been searching for about a year now haha. I've encountered a LOT of thanaz 73j here and there in other sizes though. Just gotta keep your eye out!

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I'm selling a pair right now. thanaz 73j 29x30



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Oh Man. Waaayyyy to expenso por moi!


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