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thavar 8AA

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Does anyone have these in 30 or 29 waist? Was hoping to get some measurements taken laid flat with dip.


How do the thavars fit as compared to thanaz? From what I can tell they are almost the exact same fit.

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can anyone confirm if Thavar 8AA is stretch or 100% cotton?

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8AA is always a stretch cloth. look on the diesel store page, it must be .... wait:




on ASOS the 8AA Thavar is 100 % cotton? Never heard of a 100 % cotton pair of 8AA. I guess they put in a wrong description.


there's always stretch (at least 1 %) in every 8AA IMO. but prove me wrong if you can.

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thanks tricky, I was also confused by ASOS website description, thus the inquiry.


Now if someone has measurements on a 29 waist with dip that would be superb.

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Need some help. Does the sizes of an armani exchange skinny jean matches a diesel's size? I mean, im a tall guy and have some hips, im tall also, like 1.88 and i use 34 waist. This pair of armani suits me very well and wanna know if i could buy a 34 thavar 8aa or maybe a 33. Extra info: im 94 cmts waist

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Better too wide than too tight. Just get a 34.

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In my experience, generally, Diesel's sizes run bigger, so a 34 in A/X would be a 33 in Diesels

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Thanks man, im buying a 34 then. Im kinda worried because i have the fear that the sizes goes different with different washes. However, better a little wider than tighter.

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original (the older version) 8AA runs one size big... I sized down in Thanaz 8AA and they fit me great.

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