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Yo! Hemming Larkee's

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How bad would it be to hem Larks down from 32 to 30? Where's the best place to do this? I really don't want to mess em up.


I wear 32x30s...32s are a bit long.


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What wash do you have?  This honestly shouldn't be bad at all for most washes.  Any tailor should be able to do this very easily.  I'd just recommend saying you want them hemmed "with originals".  If they get rid of the original hem, it will probably look kind of off.

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thanks for the tip


Larkees 8F5

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what does that mean hemmed w/ originals? how would they shorten it and keep the original bottom of the jeans?

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I think there are a few youtube videos that show how its done...



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Cut off the hem, cut some off in the middle and reattach the hem is usually what's done... it's really simple and if they stitch it back exactly right, you can't tell that anything was done.  Some people will also just do a fold hem, although it's going to add some bulk around your ankles.

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Don't take any of your Diesel pants/jeans to any tailor. Take them to a Diesel store, and they will hem any Diesel pants for a $15 fee and pickup the next day. I am serious, flagship Diesel stores offer this service, hell they even offer to embroider names!


I suggest you call your local Diesel stores and ask if they could do it. I hemmed my Darron pants last year at the 5th Ave flagship here in NYC. Honestly, I only trust Diesel tailors to "mess" with Diesel clothes.


Hope that helps. Let us know how it goes!

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