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Hi everyone. Just got a pair of R&R from a forum member (love, love them) but they dont fit right. The hips and thighs fit great but the waist is so huge. I've never had a pair of jeans altered in the waist. Would you recommend bringing them to my tailor and having the waist altered? Is this the best way? Thanks

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I had the same problem with you before, I asked for an opinion from my tailor and he suggested me to either use a belt or buy a new one.


The problem with altering the waist in my case was the cost, it would have cost me around 60 to 70 bucks just for the alteration of the waist.


It just was not worth it.


But you should ask your tailor about it and see what he suggests.

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I have a few pair of Diesel Zatiny's that are like this on me. Honestly, if the butt and legs fit well then I just wear a belt.

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The tailor I go to is cheap and does a good job.  I had a pair of jeans that were already altered in the waist and butt, but I wanted my tailor to fix the alterations so that the jeans would be bigger.  They did a good job, and the fix cost me $18.  Hemming with original hem currently costs $9.  Hemming without original hem costs $5.  Does a great job every time, too. 


They're located in San Gabriel, CA.  If anyone wants the address, PM me.   

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That's such a good deal! I have several pair that never got altered because it was getting too expensive AND complicated. One place told me to go somewhere else to do it LOL! And the new place was a NIGHTMARE experience. 


I often need the thighs and length. Once in awhile the waist. Taking in the thighs usually takes care of the butt if they do it right! 


I'm so jealous!


I bought my husband FIVE PAIRS of R&Rs, TRs and SFAM for Christmas. I made him try them on and then when he modeled them for me at home, they were all huge! I was able to get smaller sizes in a couple pair but he still could have gone down an additional size. Well, now he's lost weight (which is a good thing- he was getting way too fat for 30) and NONE of them fit. The TRs literally fall off. He got these new jeans because his other R&Rs & 7's were too tight and constant complaining! Anyhoo, now he needs to have them altered but he should wait until he's closer to his weight loss goal. But if we had your person, we could do it now and later!

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