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Hello Everyone


I am new to the denimblog forums and already liking this place alot.  Can anyone let me know if these Superdry bomber jackets are real?  I am also new to Ebay, so im not sure if that seller is real.  All i know is that he has 100% feedback so that seems pretty good.  Some people were telling me that there are Superdry fakes.  Would this bomber leather jacket be fake? Or you guys think its safe to buy it?   Heres the ebay link:



If you know a legit website that is selling this exact same jacket.. can you let me know please?  I checked Asos already and they dont have it and the official superdry website dont have any more either.  Im looking for size XL.  This one on ebay is priced pretty good at about $250 after shipping.  Thanks for your help