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TR auth check

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This one below True Religion25122010020.jpg25122010021.jpg25122010027.jpg25122010026.jpg

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a few things look suspect to me: there is a thread coming loose on the top of the waistband in the second picture. The back waistband patch picture being blurry is a red flag sometimes, but this could be laziness on the sellers part. He may not have wanted to take the time to do a better pic. I dont think the pocket flaps are even in the middle of the horseshoe. Either that or the seller was too freaking lazy to straighten out the jeans. I feel like the horseshoe on the right is odd shaped though this could be the fabric not being flattened. It looks like there may be one twisted outseam and one straight one. I think some of the whiskering looks cheap but I've seen real TR with whiskering that is far out there(so much to where it looks fake). As far as the tag goes I'm not completely sure but I think that the J on jeans is supposed to hang down a little lower than the rest of the word. This may not be true in every instance but I am not an expert. Wait for Marc to respond. He will let you know if I'm off or not. But just to be safe I would wait and not do anything on these just yet. In the meantime ask the seller for better pictures of the back pockets(straight on with the jeans flattened out). Also get a clear back patch pic. This will help me to give you a better answer in case Marc doesnt see this in time for you to bid on or buy this item.

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more pics


btw, already bought these long back, but want to make sure otherwise may not wear them again 25122010029.jpg25122010028.jpg

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honestly I think you are ok. I still think the pocket flap looks uncentered. but real IMO

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Are centered pocket flaps a must for authentic TR jeans?


Why doesn't the J bend down a bit? Is that not there is every TR jeans?



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Could these be S2D/defective stock?

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Is S2D because the threads are coming out in some areas?

Or does it happen with wear and tear? 

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not STD

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What does STD mean? Standard or Second?


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I hope you the jeans isn't fake. Is that right? :)

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They are real.  As stated numerous times.

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STD/S2D = Straight to Discount

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