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I'm straight and wear thanaz/thavar. Try them and if they fit you then wear them. Simple as that. jeans don't make you gay only being attracted to men, which there's nothing wrong with that. :)

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I said any one like me a straight leg guy. I wear straight jeans. Wow kid.
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Sorry I didn't see the word leg in your post. Btw I'm not a kid.

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Wow son
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Originally Posted by Lordcrill View Post

man, id love this wash in a viker, if i dont wear skinny, im wondering if i could make the transition, this wash is awesome.


anyone out there like me, a straight leg guy, find that a thavar has worked for them? And if so are there any tricks to it? Sizing up maybe>



You just have to get used to the skin tight fit for these skinny jeans. It took a while for me to get used to thanaz after wearing zathan, zafs, x-rotucks for several years.


Trailing off topic, anyone own a pair of stretch Thavars and can comment on their fit as compared to stretch thanaz? I really want a pair of 8AA Thavars but am having trouble with the size. I do 29 x 32 stretch thanaz, 30 x 32 regular (ie 8iw).


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I would say you can go with your standard stretch Thanaz size (there should be only backpocket shape difference between Thanaz and Thavar).


8X2 seems to be just same rigid and thick wash as 71B (that's why almost all people sized up, IMO).

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I just got one pair...awesome

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Thinking of getting some Thavar 8B9s, would seem crazy not too since I would get staff discount on them anyway, BUT for me, I'm all about comfort and comfort comes before looks. I don't mind wearing skinny/slim fits, I own a couple of pairs of these fits, but never owned Diesel ones....honestly, do they break in nicely and stretch out a bit resulting in a more relaxed fit?


I'm technically a 33 waist, so I would maybe have to go for  34 depending on how they feel, but do they break in nicely and loose a bit of that awful 'rigid/heavy' feel.


If you could get back to me asap, would be much appreciated.

Ta bud

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Yes they stretch out alot! Don't size up too much though. Otherwise there will be too baggy. Actually nevermind that cause I can fit in a 28 in thanaz but I always buy 30 cause otherwise the legs are just way to tight. So I don't see why you wouldn't have any problems with sizing up 2 as well. 

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yeah thighs are the issue with me, I don't have big legs, I just like that feeling of a bit of freedom haha. Plus, with a bit of thigh room, the jeans loose a bit of that 'tight' look and actually start to look a bit more like slim/straight.


If I went up to 36..hmm think that would be too big.


As you say they stretch a lot? after wear and a few washes I pressume?


I have heard that Diesel jeans break in really nicely?


Cheers for quick feedback pal

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Yeah usually within a day of wear they fit perfect. Also I don't ever wash my diesels but they tighten back up a little then  loosen back up within an hour or so. 

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I'm considering buying a pair of these off ebay from either seller 09sep14 for $239 shipped, or seller diesel_jeans_78 for $290 shipped. Of course I want to go with the cheaper pair, but I'm hesitant because he hasn't sold many jeans. Has anyone purchased jeans from this guy?

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He seems to be getting good feedback from the jeans he recently sold

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Does anyone wants to buy a diesel thavar 8x2 31/30? I already have one and yesterday

i received another one as a gift. So i need to sell the second one. This is a brand new jeans

with all tags. 

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Question regarding the 8x2, I got one pair 30w32l, the waist is alright but the thigh feel REALLY tight, and its not comfortable at all, so I never wear it..  Do you think a 31w32l would be as tight, or would it be better around the thighs? 

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You can check the measurement for each size here and decide what size you need. I think 31-32 will fit you fine
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Can someone please let me know how thick is the denim of Thavar 8x2?

Is it something like 816K? or Shioner 817H?

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mine was maybe like 816K but had a better fit

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I actually think 8x2 denim is fairly thick, more like 817H but without the waxy coating feel of the 817H....  I am selling my 8x2 and thinking to re buy a new pair as well... dammit.


does 8x2 run big?? I usually buy my Thavars in 29x30 but I think I might be able to do a 28x30 in 8x2? what do you guys think?

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Well, I was hoping that the denim would be more light.

Why are you selling yours and buying a new one?

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cuz I bought mine used and I want a new pair w/ all the wrinkles and factory stackings... LOL  but they go for around $210 on eBay for new sorta pricy....   so I am not sure if I should get 29x30 again or 28x30.. 29x30 one i had fits a bit loose but since denim is thick you can't really tell.

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even denim on 8x2 is thick, it's more comfortable than thinner 811p

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Denim Collector - I alternate between 28 and 29.  I don't have these to give you perspective, but if you get a new pair, I may be interested in the old ones.

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Originally Posted by Gruidl View Post

Denim Collector - I alternate between 28 and 29.  I don't have these to give you perspective, but if you get a new pair, I may be interested in the old ones.


I'm selling mine on eBay right now... super cheap like $75 is the bid.. hahahaha.... do a search and you should be able to find it.. good luck!!!! =)

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